Kid Games Learn with Funny Animals

This game offers the possibility of interacting with animals while we play different and fun educational games.With a simplistic and colorful menu, we will learn to look for animals, differentiate the sounds they emit, interact with them through the touch screen of your mobile or tablet and have fun playing the game of bubbles!Full of children’s music and colors, Kid Games animals offers the support of attention and cognitive stimulation so young children need.
Version 2.0!Select a language: English, Spanish or French!With a simplistic menu, we click on one of the four games and play.Card game: we guess the couple of each animal hidden behind the cards.Game find: we drag with the mouse the animal until the corresponding figure.Game listen: we listen to the sound of the animal and choose the one that corresponds.Bubbles game: we have fun exploding bubbles and saving 10 animals from each one inside.