Happy Winter Match 3

Santa Claus went out into the street, looked at the beautiful sunset and said: “Oh, let all the children receive free gifts!”He struck the iceberg with a magic staff and a magic ringing sounded, the music of the New Year. Gifts, gingerbread, Christmas balls and beautiful snowflakes began to fall from the sky. Match it by three in a row, in a column or in a group to pick up.There is one screen infinite game on the 8-by-8 field – until all possible combinations end. Chips on the field are replenished constantly after each explosion. There are eight varieties of objects in it: ? snowflakes, ? Christmas balls, ? giftboxes, ? gingerbread cookies, ? gingerbread men, ? warm striped socks of Santa Claus, ? green socks for gifts, ? jelly sweets.Items fill the playing field randomly. Choose a pair and swap places to match 3.The green hint button under the playing field toss items that can be swapped. For one hint, 30 points are taken from you.
The goal is to collect toys, snowflakes and candies in groups of the same type. If there are three or more objects in the group, they explode and you get prize points.Items can be selected by tapping. You can immediately try to swipe the object in the right direction. If it does not match 3, it will return to his place. For wrong attempts there are no penalties – try as much as you want.